Nooclerin® oral solution

      Registration number: P N000447/01.

Trade name: Nooclerin®. 

International non-patented name (INN): deanol aceglumate.

Drug form: solution for internal use.

Description: liquid of pinkish or yellowish color, with specific smell.

Composition: acetyl glutamic acid (N-acetyl-L-glutamic acid) 13,6 g, deanol (2-(dimethylamino)ethanol) 6,4 g, metylparahydroxy benzoate 33 mg, propylparahydroxy benzoate 16,7 mg, xylitol 1,0 g, purified water up to 100 ml.

Pharmakotherapeutic group: nootropic medicine.

АТХ code: М06ВХ.

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Pharmacological properties

Pharmacodynamics. Nooclerin® is a nootropic medicine, it is similar by chemical structure to natural metabolits of brain (GABA, glutaminic acid). It has a neuroprotective effect, promotes a memory and training process improvement; it has a positive effect in asthenic and adynamic disorders, increases motoric and psychic activity of patients.

With use of Nooclerin® a attention concentration ability increases. Nooclerin®  has a positive effect in neurotic disorders in elderly and senile age patients, with a background organic insufficiency of brain or in alcohol abstinence syndrome.

Pharmacokynetics. After 0.5-1 hour of oral use the drug appears in them maximal concentration in brain, in lower quantities in liver, heart, lungs, plasma, kidneys. Half-life time – 24 hours. Excreted by kidneys.

Indications for use

Adult patients:

vasculary disorders of brain (dyscirculatory encephalopathy, post-stroke disorders);

a reconvalescence period after craniocerebral traumas;

astenic and asteno-depressive disorders; psucho-organic syndrome;

a stopping (in complex therapy) of alcohol abstinency syndrome;

use as drug for increases memory and attention processes (intelligence and mnemonic funstions)).

Chindren (10 years old and older):

border neurologic and psychic disorders of asthenic and neurotic nature, including consequences of a craniocerebral trauma;

a complex treatment of mental retardation.


Increased individual sensitivity to the drug, infectious diseases of CNS, febrile and psychotic states, diseases of the blood system, prominent disorders of liver and kidneys function, pregnancy and lactation, age under 10 years.

Method of use and dosages

One teaspoon (5 ml) corresponds to 1 g of the active substance.

Adults: 1 teaspoon orally 2-3 times a day, the last use — not less 4 hours before sleep. Maximum dose for one-time use – 2 g (2 teaspoons), in specific cases a dosage can be increased by a physician's recommendation (maximum daily dose 10 g (10 teaspoons)). A treatment dose of Nooclerin®  for children 10-12 years old has to be 0,5-1,0 g (1/2-1 teaspoon), for children older 12 years – 1 -2 g (1-2 teaspoons).

Treatment duration – 1,5-2 months 2-3 times a years.

Side effects

Allergic reactions, headaches, sleep disorders, constipations, decreases a body mass, itching,in some cases – dyspepsia (in elderly age).


In the case of over-dosage side effects symptoms are increased. First aid — a gastric lavage, use of activated charcoal. A symptomatic treatment can be uses as necessary.

Interaction with other medicines

An increase of CNC stimulators effects is possible.


There are no data about effect of the drug on vehicles driving or other potentially dangerous activities, where the increased concentration and psycho-motoric reactions velocity are needed.

Drug form

Solution for oral use 20 %. Dark glass bottles (100 ml) with threaded necks, sealed by plastic threaded seals. Each bottle with instruction for medical is packed in carton box.


3 years. After the opening of bottle the drug has to be stored during 1 month only. Do not use after the expiry date.

Keeping conditions

B list. Keep in protected from direct light place at temperature 5 - 25 °С. Keep out of the reach of children.

Selling conditions

By prescription.


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