Pharmacovigilance is an activity aimed at the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of possible negative consequences of medical use of drugs, as well as protection of patients.

The company PIQ-PHARMA responsibly fulfills its obligations in relation to the patients and their safety. Inside the company has created and successfully operates a system of pharmacovigilance. It allows you to take timely measures to increase the safety of drug therapy, and, as a consequence, the improvement of the quality of the drugs.

In this connection, in the event of adverse side reactions as the result of medications company ask You to inform them of the Manager of clinical research and Pharmacovigilance in the Russian Federation and the CIS LLC «PIQ-PHARMA»:

1. Cell: +7 495 925 5700;

2. E-mail:  (please, fill in the form-notification);

3. 125047,  Russia, Moscow, Oruzheyniy per. 25, str.1, mailbox 156, for PIQ-PHARMA, remark «Pharmacovigilance ».