Contract Manufacturing


PIQ-PHARMA LEK manufacturing site was designed and constructed in compliance with GMP rules. Complex engineering solutions provide all required parameters: clean room grade, air exchange rate, climate conditions and excessive air pressure for technological and utility rooms. The site is equipped with modern machinery from Western suppliers: IMA (Italy), KILIAN (Germany), ROMACO (Germany). The site staff is professional and well-trained. The quality system has been elaborated and implemented.

The new warehouse designed for 1300 pallets is the inseparable part of PIQ-PHARMA LEK production site. The warehouse is equipped with climate control system in order to store raw materials and finished products. The new modern tracking system is implemented.

The designed production capacity is 500 min tablets, and 350 min capsules annually. Al the moment the capacities are not totally loaded, that is why, PIQ-PHARMA LEK company can place the contract manufacturing of products, up to 350 mln tablets and 70 mln capsules annually. In the nearest future (1st quarter of 2019) the launch of liquid dosage forms division (syrups, solutions, suspensions) is planned. Its designed capacity is up to 10 mln bottles annually.

Group of companies PIQ-PHARMA suggests partnership in contract manufacturing of products for pharmaceutical
companies having no their own production sites, or for companies interested in localization of foreign products in Russia. We can help with manufacturing of both solid and liquid dosage forms. We are ready to provide elaboration or adaptation of production technology in our own technological lab, and administer the registration of finished products in Russia.

Certificate of GMP compliance