Medical products are a special type of product, and its promotion demands that ethical principles are adhered to and that the consumers are provided with reliable information on properties and effect of the product, presence of side effects.

Successful promotion of OTC drugs relies upon systematic federal advertisement campaigns in press, television and radio aimed both at end users and at industry specialists. The company is responsible in choice of its media partners, working with those that have established a reputation of a popular source of information for its audience.

Promoting Rx-drugs, the company uses the medical representatives’ service, publishing materials in trade press. Besides, the company participates in leading trade exhibitions, forums and scientific events. Highly appreciating the prospects of internet-marketing, the company develops its presence in the web, using modern resources of online-services.

Sponsorship of socially important projects is a special type of promotion for PIQ-PHARMA Group of Companies. In 2011 PIQ-PHARMA became an official partner of the all-Russia project “Mark of Health”, main object of which is to promote quality and safety of drugs and other types of products of Russian industry. The Company assists in publishing scientific, reference and methodological literature aimed at increasing of professionalism of doctors and pharmacy employees.