Foundation of the Company

Market launch of
Pantogam® tablets

Market launch of Elkar® oral solution 

Market launch of Pantogam® syrup

Market launch of Nooklerin®  oral solution 
Market launch of
Dibikor® tablets
Medical representatives’ service created. Market launch of Aksamon® tablets

Launch of its own finished dosage forms production plant in the suburbs of Saint-Petersburg. Market launch of Pantogam activ® capsules, Elkar® oral solution

Production of almost all range of drugs on its own production facilities. Market launch of Karnicetin® capsules, Nicorandil tablets, Gabapentin capsules.
Launch of its own substances production plant in Belgorod. Market launch of Kudevita® capsules and Orokamag® capsules

Company History

The company was established in 1994 in Moscow, and the first product released by the company was Pantogam® (hopantenic acid), recognized as one of the most balanced nootropic drugs.

Pantogam® tablets

Pantogam was authorized for medical use by the State pharmacological committee back in November 1977, but it was then produced in limited quantities. By 1994 production of this socially important drug has almost stopped.

In the mid-90s with the support from NPO Vitaminy and participation of one of its employees, doctor of chemistry, professor Vyacheslav Mikhaylovich Kopelevich, the new pharmaceutical company PIQ-PHARMA has practically brought Pantogam® back to life restoring its production in conformance to the modern industry standards.

Today this drug, remaining one of the core brands of PIQ-PHARMA Company, is holding a leading position on the market of neurological drugs.

Working together with the best research and development centers and carrying out internal research, by the beginning of 2000s PIQ-PHARMA has significantly expanded its product portfolio. Such innovative drugs as Elkar® oral solution, Nooklerin® oral solution, Dibikor® tablets were developed and introduced to the market.

In the following years the quantity of produced drugs and different presentations of them were increasing almost each year, and the volume of sales has been increasing at the rate exceeding the industry average. Among other things it was due to a fast growing network of medical representatives.

Elkar®  oral solution 

All these years the drugs were produced on production facilities of third-party partners. The 2009 brought one of the key events in the life of the Company – commissioning of its own drug production plant –  PIQ-PHARMA PRO, located in the suburbs of Saint-Petersburg.

In 2011 production potential of the Company has significantly increased due to commissioning of the Company’s own substances production plant on a site in Belgorod –  PIQ-PHARMA KHIM.

Today PIQ-PHARMA Group of Companies is a successful, fast-growing pharmaceutical company, constantly expanding its products portfolio and extending markets not only within Russia, but in other countries as well.