Personnel policy

The personnel policy of PIQ-PHARMA Group of Companies is aimed at maximum development of human capital as the essential resource of knowledge-intensive business.

Кадровая политика

Principles of mutual respect and trust, joint application of different areas of competence, abilities and specialist skills for reaching the goals of the Company.

PIQ-PHARMA is an innovative Company so we value creativity and social qualities of our employees as much as their business characteristics.

Comfortable working conditions, social protection, opportunities for creativity, professional growth – all these factors allow to consider PIK-PHARMA a reliable and attractive employer.

pr13-ru copy.pngAt the same time as competent any specialist may be, the environment is changing very rapidly. New products appear, technologies change, information flows increase manifold. To retain high professional level, the constant renewal of knowledge, maintain and raise the level of qualification, master related knowledge and skills.

To create opportunities for professional growth the company has a system of in-house training in place: training courses for new employees were developed, corporate trainings and business games are conducted.

We closely follow the offers of the education services: specialists of PIQ-PHARMA Company participate in industry seminars, conferences, exhibitions, carry out scientific activity and receive additional education.