Medical Representatives

The field force of medical representatives is one of the strategically important subdivisions of PIK-PHARMA Group of Companies. We consider medical representatives as key partners in business, playing an important part in promotion of products.

The field force of medical representatives covers the main regions of Russia

Города присутствия

Implementing the marketing policy of the Company, medical representatives consult doctors, providing them with complete and unbiased information on the Company products.

PIQ-PHARMA develops professional level of medical representatives. Successful employees get the opportunity for financial and professional growth in a successful and fast-growing pharmaceutical company.

If you highly estimate your professional level, have a successful experience of work as a medical representative, you may become part of our team. This gives such opportunities as:

  • Competitive salary level
  • Provision of transport and business machines
  • Market promotion of demanded medical products effectiveness and safety of which has been appreciated by the modern medicine.
  • Wide choice of presentational and advertising products for more effective promotion of medical products.
  • Effective remote training system for raising your professional level.
  • Group field trainings in sales of medical products.

You may get detailed information after successful consideration of your candidacy to position of medical representative.

The Company constantly expands the market on the territory of the Russian Federation.