In 2011 the PIQ-PHARMA Group of Companies has opened a pharmaceutical substances production plant, and a subsidiary company  PIQ-PHARMA KHIM has been established for this purpose.

Производство субстанций

The enterprise was created on the territory of former Belgorod vitamin production plant. Once it was the largest in the country plant for production of vitamins and it has accumulated a huge manpower and technological potential for chemical synthesis of substances. So it is no coincidence that it was here that the management of PIQ-PHARMA Group of Companies has decided to open pharmaceutical substances production plant. The plant was set up according to all industry standards. High quality of products is guaranteed by conformance to process requirements on all stages of production and functional inspection of quality.

As of today, PIQ-PHARMA KHIM to a great degree provides raw materials for Company’s production of ready medical products. Anytime PIQ-PHARMA intends to increase output of substances production and expand the range of raw materials produced for its own requirements.

Availability of own production of pharmaceutical substances PIQ-PHARMA PIK-PHARMA Group of Companies in one line with the producers capable of performing chemical synthesis of substances providing for the complete production cycle of drugs on the territory of Russia.