Drugs of PIQ-PHARMA Group of Companies are produced on its own production enterprise located in the suburbs of Saint-Petersburg.


PIQ-PHARMA PRO enterprise is oriented at production of solid-dosage forms (tablets, coated tablets, hard-gelatin capsules) as well as liquid-dosage forms (solutions, syrups).

The enterprise structure includes:

  • Section for production of solid-dosage forms (tablets and capsules), which includes such manufacturing schemes as:
    • production of mixes for tableting and capsulating;
    • tableting by tableting presses with possibility of making tablets of various forms, including original;
    • filling of hard-gelatin capsules with powder, granules, pellets;
    • production of coated tablets;
    • prepacking of tablets and capsules in blisters with further packing of blisters into cardboard packs.
  • Section for production of liquid-dosage forms, including:
    • manufacturing scheme for preparing of solutions;
    • line for pouring and packing of solutions in containers of various volume.

Estimated capacity of the enterprise – 100 million tablets, 20 million capsules and 2 million units of liquid-dosage forms (50 ml each) per year.

Technical level and organization of production of drugs conform to the requirements of national standard of the Russian Federation “Rules for Medical Products Production and Quality Control” (GOST R 52249-2009), which conforms to the GMP Rules of the European Union.